This website contains a ton of links so you can discover new projects in Blockchain, Crypto, Business and DIY. I built this to share projects with friends, but it slowly turned into something I just wanted to share online for free. I'm still building so keep checking back!

The Basics of

Beginner friendly basic blockchain ideas and concepts, so you can have a fact based opinion on a technology that could change the world.

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Crypto currencies

A shallow dive into crypto currencies, how they work, how to buy some of your own and I'll highlight some amazing projects in crypto that deserve recognition.

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Decentralized Projects

Not all decentralized projects are based on blockchain, some don't even involve a computer.

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A growing list of books on the topics of Business, Finance, DIY, Blockchain. Computer science and more.

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Links and Videos

Loose ends that are worth mentioning, all my bookmarked links and videos in one place.

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An in depth, beginner to advanced break down of NFTs, what they are, how they work, where to buy them and how they are built. Coming soon, Subscribe for updates!

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I'm still building features in the site but plan to distribute free content next, i've only got room for 1,000 subscribers at the moment so reserve your spot for free content and to get updated on changes to the site, thanks for reading!

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